15 Things You May Not Know WordPress Can Do

By Jacco Blankenspoor
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We all know WordPress as the perfect tool for running a blog or regular website. But due to it’s open architecture, WordPress is much more than just a CMS, with many developers taking it to a whole new level.

Making WordPress into something more than a CMS is typically done with themes and/or plugins. In this article I’ll show you 15 alternative uses of WordPress (plus 2 bonuses). I will be taking a broad look at what’s possible with WordPress, in the hope of inspiring you to use it in a way you hadn’t thought of before. For each use, I’ll show you a working example, and how it’s done.

1. Amazon Shop

WordPress Amazon Shop

Combining WordPress with WooCommerce makes for an excellent ecommerce solution. But what if you could take it a step further by adding Amazon as your supplier. You could start selling without having your own stock to worry about.

All you need is this plugin called Amazon Shop and an Amazon affiliate account. I am using this for one of my own sites, and it works perfectly.

2. Forum

WordPress Forum Theme

WordPress as forum software, who would have thought? The guys at EngineThemes (you will see them mentioned several times in this article) have a great thing going on. They managed to turn WordPress into a very good forum app with a theme called ForumEngine.

It’s basically a modified version of WordPress posts + comments, combined with front-end controls and easy administration. And they know how to make slick designs.

If you’re interested in using WordPress as a forum, you should also check out bbPress from the creators of WordPress.

3. Coupon Site

WordPress Coupon Theme

Coupon sites are a perfect way to generate affiliate commissions, provided you don’t use shady tactics to draw in visitors. AppThemes made an excellent theme called Clipper which offers integrated coupon management at a very advanced level.

4. Directory

WordPress Directory Theme

This is another one of those themes where you can’t imagine WordPress is running the show. This directory theme called Directory doesn’t only allow you to make an impressive homepage, but incorporates many specific directory features on it’s listing pages.

5. Twitter Look-alike

WordPress Twitter Theme

Often referenced as “Twitter for WordPress”, the P2 theme is an excellent way to enable short communication in teams or companies. It’s the theme Automattic (the makers of WordPress) use themselves for internal communication.

Due to its inline commenting, someone can post on a topic, after which other users can respond in a very convenient way. There’s not much more to it, but it’s great at doing what it needs to do.

6. Job Board

WordPress Job Board Theme

Another theme from the geniuses over at EngineThemes is this theme called Job Engine. To me, this is the best example of what WordPress can be. Because of it’s front-end controls, you don’t actually need to use the WordPress Dashboard anymore. It has Ajax filtering, infinite scroll and a slicker than slick layout. This is another theme that I am using myself, since it really is the best WordPress job board theme in my opinion.

7. Issue Tracking

WordPress Issue Tracking Theme

This theme called Quality Control makes great use of WordPress functionality by turning it into a quality control tool. Posts become issues, and comments become status updates. It has an integrated ticket system, which can be filtered on priority, status or milestone. It even allows for assigning tickets to a specific user, making it a full featured issue tracking tool.

8. Booking System

WordPress Booking System Theme

This booking plugin called Booking System Pro can be used for many different sites. Hotels can use it for room or location bookings, or restaurants can use it for table reservations. It can be configured in various ways, including hotel room booking with features such as late checkout. Combine it with WooCommerce and you can accept payments for bookings as well.

9. Memberships

WordPress Membership Plugin

Membership plugins are some of the most popular plugins for WordPress. Because of WordPress’ convenient user system, it’s quite easy to combine it with different membership levels. Add some payment options to it, and you can start selling memberships.

This plugin called s2Member can protect your whole site, or even allow for pay-per-article. And unlike most of the themes/plugins listed here, this one is free.

10. Customer Feedback

WordPress Customer Feedback Theme

Let’s bring in the guys from AppThemes again. They made a theme called Ideas for collecting customer feedback, where a user can submit an idea or suggestion for others to vote on. As a developer, you can filter by the most popular ideas to work on, as well as having the ability to comment on it immediately.

11. Support Desk

WordPress Support Desk Theme

There are many knowledge base themes available, but with this theme called SupportPress it’s even possible to have your own ticketing system. There’s even the ability to enable chat functionality (plugin based). You can include documentation, FAQs and an integrated forum, all in one theme.

12. Real Estate

WordPress Real Estate Theme

With real estate themes, WordPress is really stretched to the max, and this real estate theme called Real Homes is a perfect example. It allows for a Google Map with objects for sale or for rent. There are numerous ways of filtering the offered properties, and the listing page itself is a real beauty. You can put up the property agent’s information, or use a contact form. It’s a very well thought-through theme for selling houses.

13. YouTube Look-alike

WordPress YouTube Theme

While there is no theme that gives you the exact YouTube look, this theme called Video Pro gives you plenty of ways to show your videos and increase engagement. YouTube itself of course allows for direct uploading of videos, but offering that on your own site isn’t feasible for most of us.

But this theme has the option for visitors to submit any link they like, so you can incorporate the video into your site right away. The theme offers extended sharing and liking functionality to allow for proper engagement.

14. Quora Look-alike

WordPress Quora Theme

This will be the final mention of EngineThemes, but these guys just make great app themes and really show what alternative uses WordPress is capable of.

For those of you who don’t know Quora, it’s a site where people can ask questions for others (mostly experts on the topic) to answer. With this theme called QAEngine you can build a site just like that.

Questions can be marked as answered, and answers can be up voted or selected as the best answer. This focus on engagement makes sure you are getting the best quality content, something which you might not be able to come up with yourself.

15. Classified Ads

WordPress Classified Ads Theme

Classified ads are still very popular, so of course there’s a great classifieds theme called ClassiCraft to convert WordPress into a classified ads site. This theme has great usability, and allows for multiple ways of monetizing your site by offering premium ads. It allows for showing a map alongside each listing and a contact form.

Bonus 1. WordPress as a Framework

WordPress as a Framework

Most of the alternative uses I describe above are based on the concept of WordPress as a foundation for specific use. Most functionality is achieved using themes or plugins, but you can even take it a step further.

By using WordPress as a framework you can make use of its built-in functionality on user management and security, and build your app on top of it’s APIs. Chirag wrote an inspirational article on this the topic of using WordPress as a framework.

Bonus 2. Responsive, Real-Time Graphs in WordPress

WordPress Graphs

If you’re feeling really technical, Justyn Hornor wrote an excellent series of articles on how to make real-time graphs in WordPress. He claims to turn even the most novice WordPress user into a WordPress ninja. Have a look, if you’re up to it.


As you can see, there are many ways in which you can transform WordPress. The familiarity you might already have with WordPress makes working with these themes and plugins a breeze, and you can do almost anything you want with it.

As there are tons of different uses and themes around, please don’t hesitate to use the comment section to share your suggestions or thoughts.

We teamed up with SiteGround
To bring you the latest from the web and tried-and-true hosting, recommended for designers and developers. SitePoint Readers Get Up To 65% OFF Now
  • Mike Mx Kowalski

    Three things you may not know about WordPress before you start working with it: plugin trap, update horror, malware magnet.

    • Howdy_McGee

      Funfact, Most of the above you can do without any plugins but instead some generic theme customization. IMO When it comes to WordPress you probably never want more than 10 plugins.

      • Agree, there are lots of plugins that give you similar features. Plugins are ok, as long as they’re well written, do one thing and do it well… etc. Some people do tend to overdo the use of plugins though.

      • dojoVader

        You’d be surprised just finished fixing a bug on a wordpress site with 41 Active Plugins, I was so pissed, and in some of the plugins some author did this ‘error_reporting(0)’ cuz i kept wondering why i couldn’t see any errors. Plugins need to undergo serious tests. its one reason i stay off WordPress, i’ve come to dislike it

    • Evert Albers

      Indeed – and there are some good alternatives. I work mainly with http://bolt.cm these days, and save a lot of time in developing, maintenance and giving instructions to clients.

  • Marc

    Just as a FYI to someone reading this post and wanting to use the Directory theme _enabling geolocation_, don’t do it. If you are not planning to use geolocation nor modifying the theme, it’s fine.

    I won’t get into technical details and just say that I had to review and modify most of the maps-related code, specially Javascript, in the theme, plus updating it if you’ve done modifications is a nightmare.

  • Thanks for the heads up Marc, much appreciated.

  • Deepak

    Would you know if its possible to use WordPress as a full-fledged company handling tool – project management, collaboration, employee utilization etc?

  • Some great suggestions there, thanks Jacob, I will be checking a couple of them out for my impending site redesign.

  • nitram

    jacco, whilst i think that the themes/plugins suggested here mostly look good, they many times do not function well. you may wanna ask yourself why your airportcareer site does so much worse than heathrowcareers – it’s duplicate content galore and terrible coding. i had switched to it from using wp job manager and consistent page 1 rank to below page 10. not only that, enginethemes support is horrible, despite having paid them over 200 usd for theme and extensions. similar things can be said about forumengine – it’s better to use a styled bbpress version.

  • Hi Nitram, thank you for your comment. The job site is indeed a tricky one, since it’s overflowing with code. For my users it works well though, especially on mobile. I spent a long time searching for the right theme/tool, and although not 100% pleased it came close given the costs (for now, in startup phase).

    You are right about the SEO value of it, that’s why I am combining it with a separate page which it more aimed at getting SEO traffic (from which I direct as much traffic as I can to my job site).

    I didn’t experience the same problems as you had with support, maybe I need to ask them tougher questions ;-)

    BBPress is selected for a future article, will see how it goes :-)

  • sudeep

    now i m felling .. powerfull … after reading this post .. thanks @aboutblankenspoor:disqus

  • Jonathan Torke

    And that is the reason why I love WordPress – No idea limit!

  • Couldn’t agree with you more!

  • @aboutblankenspoor:disqus Loved your article. Thanks for mentioning my article as well :-)

  • Bhanu

    The list is really good and some of the themes are really doing gr8, but few wp theme companies are not

    provide good support now a days.

    I am running a job website (http://questionpaper.org) and running jobrooler theme of appthemes, few days

    back i have created a ticket and many customers are also facing the same problem but even after 1 week

    still no solution.

    If you are planing to purchase any theme form appthemes then plz check their support forum first.


  • jayapal Reddy

    Excellent Content