15 invites to Twine

G’day all you loyal readers! I have 15 invites to Twine for anyone who can provide me with their URI. You don’t have one? Well, a little hint, read this post by Tim Berners-Lee and then run, don’t walk to the nearest FOAF-a-Matic and make yourself a shiny new FOAF file.

Put your FOAF file online and add a comment with the location. The first 15 will get an invite.

*UPDATE 20/03/2008* – I need your email addresses as well. Should have made that more clear. Cheers.

*UPDATE 21/03/2008* – Closing comments. All invites (plus some) are gone. If I can scrounge some more up I will post another entry. In the meantime keep your eyes peeled for some new entries on preparing your sites for next-gen search engines.