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15 Great Icon Sets for Web & Mobile Apps

By Isabelle Try
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Icons can be a pain when it comes to web design. Designers who haven’t been in the game for long might not have picked up the basic illustration skills that more experienced designers use to create their own icons suited to a project. Similarly, more experienced designers just might not have the time to create a new icon set for every project.

On top of all that, it can be difficult to make sure your work looks different when a combination of current design trends and your own signature design style limits your options. Using great icon sets, available for free, is one way to reduce the similarities between your projects and make them stand out on their own.

Furniture Icons

Social Media Rounded Square Icons

Web Dev Icons

User Icons

Social Media Icons


Twenty Icons


8 Social Icons

Free Social Media Icon Set

Social Media Shields

Web Icon Set


Simple Icons

3D Glossy Icons

Do you have any favorites? Do you use icon sets, or do you prefer to illustrate your own?

  • Debbie Campbell

    I’ve used a lot of different social media icon sets, but decided to start making my own a few months ago. This is my latest (free) set:

  • Chris @ Dorm Room Biz

    Great collection of sets! Thanks for sharing this!

  • Mike

    Just stumbled upon these. Great set. I designed a set recently and have them available for free download at Check them out and let me know what you think.

  • Robin Jennings

    I really like the simplicity of the ‘free social media icon set’ .

    Thanks for the wrap up.

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