15 Gorgeous and Effective HTML Emails

    Mathew Patterson

    SitePoint’s latest book, Create Stunning HTML Email that Just Works, is a compendium of best-practice advice for designing and coding beautiful HTML email that’s compatible with any email client. We’ve made the third chapter, Design for the Inbox, freely available as a PDF to give you a taste of what’s in the book. Last week we gave you an excerpt from that chapter that was all about learning the principles behind designing successful emails. This week we’re presenting the design gallery that closes off the chapter, from which you can draw inspiration.

    If you’d like to learn how to build emails like these for yourself, pick up the book and dive in!

    Gallery of HTML Emails

    Scan through these screenshots of some top-notch HTML emails, and think about what they’re trying to achieve. They’re categorized for convenience, but many of them would fit into multiple categories.

    Clear Call to Action

    These emails are very clear about what they want the reader to do. Giving your reader one obvious option will significantly increase your clickthrough rate.

    The bgroup creative agency’s newsletter, shown in Figure 1, “bgroup creative newsletter”, draws attention to an already giant button with a comical character.

    Figure 1. bgroup creative newsletter

    Moving announcement from pulse8

    Ready for more?

    I hope these emails inspire you to reconsider HTML email as a valid addition to your array of web design services. Remember that you can download the entire chapter this article was drawn from for free as part of the sample PDF. If you’re keen to start building stunning HTML emails right away, grab your copy of the book. It’s available in print form, or as a digital ebook pack containing PDF, Mobi, and EPUB versions.