13 Must-Read Business Blogs

BlogsIn a previous post, I admitted to being a bit of a blog-reading addict. I just checked my reader and last count shows 75 subscriptions, most of which are business related. So, it’s pretty clear I’m a big business blog reader!

I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you so you can beef up your RSS feeds with some great business reads.

Note: I’ve included the approximate publication frequency for the blogs below so you know what you’re getting before you subscribe.


1. An Entrepreneur’s Life: Michael Cage’s blog that discusses his life as an entrepreneur, marketing ideas and more business-related goodies. Publication frequency: 0-4 posts per month

2. Bizzia: A very active blog, covering all facets of business, including news, finances, freelancing and more. Publication frequency: 2-20 posts per day [recently merged with another site — link removed.]

3. Duct Tape Marketing: Do-it-yourself, easy and affordable marketing tips for small businesses from John Jantsch. Publication frequency: 5-10 posts per week

4. Freelance Folder: A great mix of posts on freelancing issues, including working with clients, finding freelance work and marketing tips. Publication frequency: 5-10 posts per week

5. Freelance Switch: Provides tips, advice, and news related to freelancing. Publication frequency: 5-10 posts per week

6. New York Times, You’re the Boss: Posts that provide news and advice about running a small business. Publication frequency: 5-10 posts per week

7. Small Biz Bee: A blog for small businesses and entrepreneurs that focuses on business development, marketing, social media and more. Publication frequency: 4-10 posts per month

8. Small Business from CNNMoney.com: Small business news with a financial focus. Publication frequency: 5-10 posts per week

9. Small Business Trends: Posts that focus on trends among small businesses and how they impact those in the trenches. Publication frequency: 10-12 posts per week

10. SitePoint Blogs: Of course, I have to include the blog you’re reading right now, one of my personal favorites. It covers business, tech news, design topics and some great tutorials. Publication frequency: 1-5 posts per day

11. Six Pixels of Separation: Mitch Joel’s blog that shares his insight on marketing, new media and branding. Publication frequency: 5-8 posts per week

12. The Trump Blog: Who doesn’t love The Donald? This blog focuses on business topics and advice with a great motivational twist. Publication frequency: 5 posts per week

13. Web Worker Daily: Tips and advice for anyone who uses the web for work. Publication frequency: 2-8 posts per day

What’s your favorite business blog?

Image credit: Ivan Petrov