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CloudSpring: 11 Things Every Developer Should Know About the Cloud

By Toby Tremayne



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Cloud computing opens a world of possibilities for software and developers, but coding for the cloud isn’t necessarily as straightforward as you might think. The learning curve for developers can be tricky—especially for web developers unused to working with concepts such as threading and concurrency, latency, asynchronicity and failure tolerance. Here are 11 things you need to watch out for when you start developing for the cloud. Compliance & Governance Legal and operational requirements often dictate the location of your data storage and hosting, and in the cloud it’s no different

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11 Things Every Developer Should Know About the Cloud

A writer and software developer of more than 14 years experience, Toby is passionate about helping new and small businesses make the most of the internet and cloud technology. When he's not writing or telling stories he's busy trying to make technology easier to use for the average business person, and can often be found in dark corners practicing magic tricks or lock sport.

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