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10th Birthday Special: Buy One Kit, Get One Free!

I’m live-blogging the madness here at SitePoint HQ.

Earlier today I took a photo of our normally conservative and professional Co-founder, Mark Harbottle, for today’s article, where he looks calm and relaxed. Yet just now I saw him strutting around the office, clucking like a chicken! And I just got off a phone call with co-founder Matt Mickiewicz that I barely understood — what words I did make out made no sense anyway! I could swear I heard both of them rambling something about a ridiculous never-to-be-repeated sale…

It must be something to do with SitePoint turning 10 years old!

Yes it’s party time at SitePoint as we celebrate our 10 year journey from to To make sure this is a party to remember our co-founders Matt and Mark are offering one massive deal on all of SitePoint’s kits.

I think they’ve gone crazy, but their madness is your gain!

Here’s the deal: for the month of April…

Buy 1 SitePoint Kit and Get 1 FREE!!!

In addition to this offer, both kits will be shipped to you free, worldwide!

The party will be over at the end of April, so don’t miss your chance to own a SitePoint kit at a never (ever) to be repeated price.

Shoot me, I feel like I’m selling carpets — the madness must be infecting me too! Argh!

Here’s the link to order…

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