10 Randomly Fresh jQuery Plugins

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A list of randomly fresh jQuery plugins you may have not seen before especially the last four plugins, jQuery Atteeeeention, jQuery MSG, jQuery Secret, jQuery Center plugins. Have fun!

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1. Keep in Window

Is a jQuery plugin which allows you to keep some elements always in the viewport.

Keep in Window


2. html5-uploader

Upload files in a queue. Several simple callbacks for controlling how your web interface response pre/post uploading.



3. jquerypivot

Can be used for presenting table data in pivot form.



4. Vertical Mega Menu

This plugin creates vertical mega menus from standard HTML nested unordered lists.
The mega menu can be customised with several features:
> Choose show/hide, fade in or slide out animation effect
> Set animation speed
> Set number of sub-menus per row
> Display the flyout mega menu on the left or right depending on the menu position

Vertical Mega Menu


5. Elixon Tooltip

A great JQuery plugin for doing fancy bubbles with rich HTML contents! Pure CSS without images, intelligent auto positioning, custom colors and more!

Elixon Tooltip


6. Elixon Theatre

Is an extensible carousel/slideshow-like JQuery plugin supporting multiple animation effects. Works with images or any other type of rich formatted HTML contents.
Supported effects:
> 3d
> 3d Orbit
> css3:circle
> css3:slide
> css3:stack
> horizontal
> vertical
> fade
> show
> slide

Elixon Theatre


7. jQuery Atteeeeention Plugin

If you have a image gallery with different width and height for each image, your page may look messy. Use this plugin to align your gallery with a ‘Google Image Search’ style result.

jQuery Atteeeeention Plugin

Source + Demo

8. jQuery MSG plugin

This is a simple jQuery plugin to show messages. The styles are all in jquery.msg.css file, therefore it is very easy to customize the look.

jQuery MSG plugin

Source + Demo

9. jQuery Secret Plugin

A jQuery plugin that prevents creating global objects.

jQuery Secret Plugin

Source + Demo

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