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10 Random jQuery Plugins

By Sam Deering



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Another set of 10 Random jQuery Plugins for your web development needs! Worth checking out. MitItUp is really cool ;)

1. MixItUp

A jQuery filter and sort plugin that works with your layout.

Source + Demo

2. DarkTooltip

A simple customizable tooltip with confirm option and effects.


3. Cytoscape.js

A JavaScript graph library for analysis and visualisation (compatible with CommonJS/Node.js, AMD/Require.js, jQuery 1.4+, Bower, and plain JavaScript)


4. ExplorerCanvas

Modern browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera support the HTML5 canvas tag to allow 2D command-based drawing. ExplorerCanvas brings the same functionality to Internet Explorer. To use, web developers only need to include a single script tag in their existing web pages.

Source + Demo

5. retina.js

An open source script that makes it easy to serve high-resolution images to devices with retina displays

Source + Demo

6. slugg

Make strings url safe

Source + Demo

7. MakeColors

Making annoying rainbows in javascript

Source + Demo

8. rowGrid.js

A small, lightweight jQuery plugin for placing items in straight rows.


9. Wallop Slider

Another bloody slider.

Source + Demo

10. Progress.js

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ProgressJs is a JavaScript and CSS3 library which help developers to create and manage progress bar for every objects on the page.


Sam Deering has 15+ years of programming and website development experience. He was a website consultant at Console, ABC News, Flight Centre, Sapient Nitro, and the QLD Government and runs a tech blog with over 1 million views per month. Currently, Sam is the Founder of Crypto News, Australia.

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