10 Best jQuery Social Bookmark Plugins

Due to the growing popularity of social networking sites everybody wants to grow their traffic using something social whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Blogoola? Social bookmarking has been playing a big role for sure. So we thought we would share you what we think the BEST jQuery Social Bookmark plugins to help you get more site traffic. Enjoy!

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1. jQuery MouseOver Social Bookmark Icons for Bloggers

This is a beautiful jQuery social bookmark widget for your blogspot blog.

MouseOver Social Bookmark

Source + Demo

2. Path App Fly-out Menu using CSS3 & jQuery

This button is the main means of navigation in this app. It had not only some good features but also had smooth animations as well.

Path App Fly-out Menu

Source Demo

3. Juitter

Small size and faster than others Twitter widgetsLive mode, show what’s happening right now.


Source + Demo

4. Nice and Simple Toolbar for Your Website with CSS3 and jQuery

Often it’s a hard thing to interface a website with the many available social services, but recently there are some famous blogs, like Abduzeedo and Mashable, that are using a fixed toolbar on …

Nice and Simple Toolbar

Source + Demo

5. Floating Social Bar with jQuery and CSS

Today we’re going to show you how to make a fancy floating bar using jQuery and JavaScript, as the one you see when scrolling down on this page.

Floating Social Bar

Source Demo

6. Digg Like URL Submitter Using JQuery and PHP

I want to create something that fetching the submitted URL data, some kind that many social bookmarking have, beside Facebook, the other famous one is Digg, this image below is something that I share in this post.

Digg Like URL Submitter

Source Demo

7. Google+ Search Widget

Highly customizable search widget for Google+ that is inspired by Twitter widgets. This widget searches across the body and comments of public posts and displays a summarized version of matching posts with any attached images.

Google+ Search

Source Demo

8. Google+ Activity Widget – jQuery Plugin

As Google+ API was just released a couple days ago, it is time to have a posts widget for it. So, this widget was created to display your profile and slides down your recent posts with any attached images.

Google+ Activity

Source Demo

9. Sharrre

Is a jQuery plugin that eases creating social sharing widgets for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Digg and Delicious. The plugin calls the social buttons on demand which is great for minimizing the number of initial requests and improving loading speeds.


Source Demo

10. Bit.ly Button – jQuery Plugin for Your Clicky Post

This jQuery button gives you a uniform click count button -tall or wide- that people can also use it to retweet your post. When you use a short link to tweet your post, it may get 100 retweets but in terms of bit.ly stats that could mean 1000 clicks coming from the whole twitter ecosystem which makes another interesting measure of how popular is your post!

Bit.ly Button

Source Demo