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10 jQuery Extension Plugins

By Sam Deering



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10 of the best jQuery extension plugins you cannot do without if you are a serious front-end developer. Things like DOM management and table creation amongst others. Enjoy!

1. Easy DOM creation for jQuery and Prototype

jQuery plugin that makes it easy to build up a tree of DOM nodes.

2. jQuery Form Plugin

Allows you to easily and unobtrusively upgrade HTML forms to use AJAX. The main methods, ajaxForm and ajaxSubmit, gather information from the form element to determine how to manage the submit process.

3. Dimensions

Extends jQuery to provide dimension-centric methods for getting widths, heights, offsets and more.

4. TableSorter plug-in for jQuery

The main new features include:
* Multi-column sorting
* In-line support for setting options done via the class attribute on the TH elements.
* The plugin has been re-written from scratch.
* Support for rowspan and colspan on TH elements.
* New widget support, more information in the docs.

5. Validation

This jQuery plugin makes simple clientside form validation trivial, while offering lots of option for customization.

6. Simple Star Rating System

This is a jquery plugin for star rating systems. The intial inspiration for this script came from “Wil Stuckey’s” star rating system. But the original script requires too much coding.

7. jQuery UI Calendar

Creates a Calendar using JQuery User Interface Calendar Control. The Calendar component is a UI control that enables users to choose one or more dates from a graphical calendar presented in a single-page or multi-page interface.

8. jQuery UI Tabs

Creates a jQuery UI tabs widget in your web page.

9. jQuery UI Dialog

Creates a jQuery UI Dialog widget in your web page.

10. jQuery Tab Container

Add tab container to your markup language so you can accommodate more information in one page in user friendly way.

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