10 jQuery CSS3 Form Tutorials

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10 jQuery CSS3 Form Plugins to bring life and countless new possibilities to make better web forms. In this post we have compiled a list of the best 10 jQuery css3 tutorials and plugins to make great forms using this new and amazing technology.

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1. Signup form with CSS3 and jQuery

This tutorial will show you how to create a good looking form using CSS3, and how to make it more user-friendly with some jQuery.

2. Glowform: Amazing CSS3 Form

This form do not use any images, only CSS3. I urge you to read this tutorial and the form source code, because you’ll learn lots of great techniques about creating killer forms without using images.

3. Prettier Web Form with CSS3

This pretty simple tutorial will show you how you can create a form using some basic CSS3 properties, such as box-shadow.

4. Stylish Contact Form with HTML5 & CSS3

A quality tutorial about creating a form and using CSS3 to style it. The result is, as you can see above, really cool.

5. HTML5 & CSS3 Form

HTML5 introduced useful new form elements as such as sliders, numeric spinners and date pickers. This tutorial will show you how to create a form with HTML5, and make it look really cool with CSS3. A great way to get started in both CSS3 and HTML5.

6. CSS3 form without images and JavaScript

This tutorial is in French, but the result looks so good that I simply shouldn’t include it on that list. For those who can’t understand French, just get the source code and have fun with it.

7. Beautiful CSS3 Search Form

Most search forms (Including the one I use on this site!) looks boring. Using a little CSS3, you can turn the old and boring form into something definitely modern and cool. A must read tutorial.

8. Slick CSS3 Login Form

Once again, a simple tutorial to create a simple form using CSS3 but absolutely no images.

9. Clean and Stylish CSS3 Form

This form is simple, clean and stylish. Nothing fancy but techniques you may use on most websites you’ll make.

10. jQuery & CSS3 Drop-down menu with integrated forms

A tutorial about how to create a CSS3/jQuery dropdown menu with integrated forms. No doubt, your clients will love it!

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