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10 jQuery Browser Tweaks

Sam Deering

10 jQuery Browser Tweaks to improve your websites appearance in different browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera etc… Try out fresh new things on your page with quick jQuery bowser tweaks. Playing with browser is in latest trends now. Tweak, enhance images, and play with colors, size and animations all at ease with the amazing set of jQuery browser tweaks.

1. jQuery Actual Plugin

Get hidden elements width and height with jQuery.

2. zoomEvent

Adds a documentzoomed event to jQuery, by tracking changes in window dimensions.

3. Upgrade Browsers jQuery Plugin

It is a jQuery plugin that you can install easily on your website and every time someone visits with an outdated browser will display an alert with an invitation to update it.

4. jQuery Browser Extension to detect IPhone and iPad Safari browser

This is a simple solution to know if the device we are using is an iPhone or an iPad.

5. Activity Indicator

A jQuery plugin that renders a translucent activity indicator (spinner) using SVG or VML.

6. Setting Equal Heights with jQuery

Our equalHeights() function determines the heights of all sibling elements in a container, and then sets each element’s minimum height to that of the tallest element. When JavaScript is disabled, the boxes or columns appear with varying heights, but the content remains legible and the page is still completely usable.

7. jQuery serverBrowser Plugin

Plugin for jQuery JavaScript library that allow to browse server files, or show other tree-based information in dialog window. This plugin is simple to use and lightweight, but you need to check requirements before using it.

8. Title Alert

Title alert notifications can be useful when you want to notify a user of some kind of web page event (for example an incoming chat message), when the user has another window, or another browser tab, in focus.

9. manyMail Plugin

This is great if you use Outlook or Thunderbird, but what if your e-mail is web based like Gmail or Hotmail? Yup, you’re a bit stumped. This is where manyMail comes in; it provides an interactive user interface for sending e-mails from your website.

10. BBQ: Back Button & Query Library

jQuery BBQ leverages the HTML5 hashchange event to allow simple, yet powerful bookmarkable #hash history. In addition, jQuery BBQ provides a full .deparam() method, along with both hash state management, and fragment / query string parse and merge utility methods.