10 Fantastic jQuery Techniques and Effects

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Here we have for you another 10 jQuery techniques and effects, we know you’ve missed them! jQuery can be fun so lets look at some awesome effects which you could incorporate into your next website designs. Enjoy!

Here are some previous posts about jQuery techniques and effects:

1. SuperFish

Is an enhanced Suckerfish-style menu jQuery plugin that takes an existing pure CSS drop-down menu (so it degrades gracefully).

2. YoxView

Is a popup image viewer, built using jQuery 1.4. It’s simple to use yet quite powerful.

Key Features:
– Images are resized to fit inside the browser’s window
– Content can be pre-cached
– Multiple instances in the same page may be used
– Fully configurable

3. Spritely

Is a jQuery plugin created by Artlogic for creating dynamic character and background animation in pure HTML and JavaScript. It’s a simple, light-weight plugin with a few simple methods for creating animated sprites.

4. Piecemaker XML Gallery

Is an open source 3D Flash image rotator gallery.

5. Coin Slider

Is a jQuery image slider with unique effects.

6. AviaSLider

– 8 unique transition effects
– Lots of easy to set options to create your own effects
– Included Image preloader
– Autoplay that stops on user interaction
– Valid HTML5 and CSS 3 Markup
– Packed version only weights 8kb
– Supports linked images
– Already prepared to work with prettyPhoto Lightbox
– Works with jQuery 1.32 and higher

7. Control.Tabs jQuery

It creates a tabbed interface from an unordered list of links/anchors that point to any elements on your page that have an id attribute. Since it attaches these behaviors to HTML that already has semantic meaning, it will degrade gracefully for browsers that do not support JavaScript, and are search engine friendly.

8. Circular Motion Effect with jQuery

The idea is to have a rounded content area with a main menu. When hovering over one of the menu items, a sub-menu element appears, circulating around the content area.

9. Popeye – an inline lightbox alternative

It is an advanced image gallery script built on the JavaScript library jQuery. Use it to save space when displaying a collection of images and offer your users a nice and elegant way to show a big version of your images without leaving the page flow.

10. prettyPhoto

Is a jQuery based lightbox clone. Not only does it support images, it also add support for videos, flash, YouTube, iFrames. It’s a full blown media lightbox.

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