10 JSON Examples to Use in Your Projects

Here are 10 JSON examples you can use in your projects. Unlike the once popular XML, JSON provides a simpler, more human-readable syntax for exchanging data between different software components and systems. Processing JSON data is fast and easy unlike the complex process of parsing and writing XML files. Most modern programming languages currently support JSON natively.

If you are new to JSON or you would like to remind yourself of what it’s all about, I would suggest you have a look at this article: Back to basics: JSON Syntax and Tips.

Download Source Code Examples

In order to follow along with the examples, you’ll need set up the following project in order to access the source code used in the examples:

git clone git@github.com:sitepoint-editors/json-examples.git
cd json-examples
npm install

JSON Examples

Here I’ll show you different ways in how JSON is used in real-life scenarios. Whether you need to access third-party data or provide a means for exchanging data between different systems, you’ll find that JSON fits perfectly in all these situations.