10 Captivating jQuery Utility Plugins

Here’s our collection of 10 Captivating jQuery Utility Plugins. We always want to share you the coolest plugins that would make your webpage standout among others. These will definitely captivate your imagination. Enjoy.

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1. ImageBlur

This is little plugin for soft image blur effect on page load (and ‘clear’ on hover/rollover).



2. jScratchcard

It emulates a scratch card, like the classic lotto tickets you buy on the market.


Source + Demo

3. Dock and Stack

A nice recreation of the Mac desk, which is something that many people really like.

Dock and Stack

Source + Demo

4. Several jQuery Animations

Learn how to make the best use of jQuery’s amazing animation features using just a few lines of code.

Several jQuery Animations

Source + Demo

5. CanvasSwap

A jQuery plugin to induce an image swap on hover. Although this plugin does its job of swapping out images extremely well, that’s not what its main intention is. What canvasSwap sets out to do is not only provide a great image swap utility, but it also allows swapping transparent PNG images in IE 6!


Source + Demo

6. jQuery Bounce Page

This project allows the user to extend the elements on the web page (created for use with ‘textarea’ elements, but no reason why it cannot be used elsewhere) with a bounce animation.

jQuery Bounce Page


7. Rezoner’s jEffects

Enhances user interaction by providing decorative effects. It’s all packaged into an intuitive jQuery plugin. Detailed documentation is included.

Rezoner’s jEffects

Source + Demo

8. Greyscale Hover Effect

Lovely hover effect that turns everything to a greyscale when rolling over.

Greyscale Hover Effect


9. Music player with mouse gestures

jQuery effect that will improve the interactivity of your websites by the using of click and drag properties.

Music player with mouse gestures

Source + Demo

10. jQuery Before/After Plugin

Great jQuery plugin to make comparisons, such as the one shown on the screenshot.

jQuery Before/After Plugin

Source + Demo