If you’re a Web Service nut (like me) then today is a happy day. WSE 2.0 (Web Service Enhancements) has been released, and is available for download from Microsoft.

The biggest enhancement I see is full support for the OASIS standard of security WS-Security. This makes is far easier to implement security policies.

A word of caution however. SOAP messages between WSE 1.0 services and WSE 2.0 services cannot interop, which may dampen your deployment options, especially if you’re relying on 3rd party services.

Even so, its a great release, and makes .NET the first platform to support this Oasis security standard. Happy days.

Philip Miseldine
Philip is a Computer Science PhD student at Liverpool John Moores University. He's still not mastered guitar tabs, never finished Mario, and needs a haircut. He discusses life at http://www.miseldine.com/.
  • Hakan

    Where may i download wse 2.0 ? hakanaktan(at)gmail.com

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