The focus has been on wikis of late – both here at SitePoint and through the general growth in exposure and popularity as developers and savvy users find ways to integrate these amazing flexible tools into their environments.

I have spent time recently trying to decide just how to best utilize this powerful tool beyond shared documentation portals — and in the process of evaluating came across a comprehensive index of wikis.

One particular engine I am spending some time with is MediaWiki, although I am far from having completed an exhaustive evaluation of wikis. Somehow I doubt I can actually test them all and will choose the one most flexible and supported (I also have loaded up phpwiki and am kicking it around as well).

MediaWiki happens to power a favorite of my research sites, wikipedia.

Some of my peers at SitePoint have also brought this to the forefront recently, including via this post in the PHP blog — Dynamically Typed.

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  • hurricane_sh

    Thanks for the link, I tried to find some good wiki sites, but don’t know what keywords to search.

  • tariquesani

    MediaWiki is too huge for casual project documentation work, phpWiki I found to be too buggy (perm/auth not working with MySQL being the foremost) – though it does have a lot of features. Lately I have been leaning towards DocuWiki and coWiki

  • eych

    WackoWiki is great:

  • VodkaFish

    Why is MediaWiki “too huge”, is it just because it’s database driven? I’m looking to use the most feature-rich wiki along with something that will grow easily (and doesn’t only use CamelCase for links); MediaWiki looks great for what I need… or so I think.

  • milky

    Check out for a comprehensive comparison of existing WikiWare (though it still lists PHP based engines mainly).

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