At Learnable, we have a great JumpCast video from Mark Dalgleish, an organizer of MelbJS, with an introduction to Node.js. Node.js is becoming a hugely popular tool for building fast, scalable web applications. And because Node.js apps are written in JavaScript, this allows front-end developers access to a whole new world of real-time web projects.

As well as this informative video, SitePoint has just released its very first entry in the Jump Start series, and it’s all about Node.js. If you’ve ever wondered why the dev sphere is so excited about this JavaScript environment, you’ll definitely want to grab yourself a copy, or download a free sample.

Check it out, and happy coding.

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  • Charles @

    I think I’ll stick with PHP for now, but Node is getting a lot of attention, that’s for sure.

  • Peter

    I think a lot of my project will still be PHP/mySQL, but I already have a few applications in mind where Node.js will be used. I purchased the “Jump Start Node.JS” book and so far so good.

  • Tim

    If Node.js is so popular, why do Sitepoint have to keep trying to explain what it is to us?

    • HAWK

      Because that’s our job. :)


    Interesting, I can already see few application that I can apply to our website.

  • Robert

    Node is wonderful, but also have a look at Meteor. It takes Node one giant step further.

  • andy grant

    The problem here is sitepoint seem to be selling node (and the courseware) as a mainstream solution, reality is it is a niche tool simply not required for most projects. PHP or your usual server side language ate almost certainly better for typical projects.

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