list-style-image (CSS property)



This property specifies the image to use as a list marker for an item in a list (an element whose display property has the value list-item). If the specified image is available, it will replace any marker specified by the list-style-type property.

The exact position of the list marker image can’t be specified beyond what the list-style-position property allows.


This style rule assigns an image as the list marker for all items in the list with ID "links":

#links li {
  ➥    url("/images/link.png");


If the property value is specified as none, no list marker image will be used. Instead, the list-style-type property will control what type of list marker—if any—will be rendered.

If the value is specified as a URI using the url() functional notation, the image at that URI will be used as the list marker if it’s available.

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