This is a complete, alphabetical list of the HTML elements contained in this reference.

  • a
    defines an anchor (or hyperlink)
  • abbr
    defines an abbreviated form of a longer word or phrase
  • acronym
    an abbreviation comprising the initial letters of a given phrase
  • address
    identifies an administrator or owner of a document
  • applet
    inserts a Java applet (mini application) into the document
  • area
    defines a hotspot within a client-side image map
  • b
    sets enclosed text to bold type
  • base
    specifies a base URL for all relative URLs contained in the document
  • basefont
    sets a basic font size for normal browser text
  • bdo
    overrides the current text direction
  • bgsound
    Plays a background sound on page load
  • big
    increases the font size of text
  • blink
    blinks text on-off
  • blockquote
    used to indicate a block of quoted text, with an attribution that identifies who said or wrote it
  • body
    contains all the content to be displayed to user
  • br
    creates a single line break in a block of text
  • button
    groups a selection of elements together into a clickable form element
  • caption
    provides a visual caption (a title or description) for the table
  • center
    centers all the enclosed content
  • cite
    identifies a reference to a written work, play, book, or magazine
  • code
    identifies text as computer or machine-readable code
  • col
    defines a column within a table
  • colgroup
    defines a group of columns within a table
  • comment
    inserts a comment into markup
  • dd
    describes a term in a definition list
  • del
    identifies deleted content
  • dfn
    identifies the defining instance of a term
  • dir
    used to define a multicolumn directory listing
  • div
    divides a page into separate sections
  • dl
    creates a definition list for lists comprising item: description pairings
  • dt
    defines a definition term used in a definition list
  • em
    signifies emphasized content
  • embed
    provides a generic (non-standard) container for a media object
  • fieldset
    groups related form controls
  • font
    the (out-of-favor) font styling element
  • form
    defines a form that includes a range of inputs and controls
  • frame
    defines a window region, part of a collection of frames in a frameset
  • frameset
    defines a collection of window regions (frames)
  • h1
    defines a level 1 heading
  • h2
    defines a level 2 heading
  • h3
    defines a level 3 heading
  • h4
    defines a level 4 heading
  • h5
    defines a level 5 heading
  • h6
    defines a level 6 heading
  • head
    identifies the head section of document
  • hr
    creates a horizontal rule that might be used to delineate areas of content in a document
  • html
    identifies the content of the document as HTML
  • i
    sets the enclosed text to italic type
  • iframe
    A ‘floating’ frame that can be embedded on a page
  • img
    specifies an inline image element
  • input
    defines the input control for a form
  • ins
    identifies inserted content
  • isindex
    indicates that the document has an associated keyword index that can be searched
  • kbd
    identifies a typed entry on a keyboard
  • label
    specifies descriptive text for the associated form control
  • legend
    defines caption text for form controls that are grouped by the fieldset element
  • li
    indicates an individual item in a list
  • link
    defines the relationship between the current document and other documents or resources
  • map
    defines a client-side image map
  • marquee
    scrolling text area
  • menu
    used to define a list of menu choices
  • meta
    provides general information about a document for indexing and other purposes
  • nobr
    tells browser not to break/wrap contained text
  • noembed
    specifies alternative content for browsers that don’t support embed
  • noframes
    provides alternative content for frameset-based content
  • noscript
    provides alternative content for use when scripts aren’t supported or are switched off
  • object
    specifies a generic, multipurpose container for a media object
  • ol
    an ordered list of items/text
  • optgroup
    groups related option elements contained in a select list
  • option
    defines an item in a select list
  • p
    indicates a paragraph of text
  • param
    specifies parameter information to be passed to an object or applet
  • plaintext
    tells browser to treat all following text as plain text
  • pre
    defines preformatted text in which whitespace and line breaks are preserved
  • q
    defines an inline quotation
  • rb
    specifies ruby base text
  • rbc
    defines the ruby base container for complex ruby markup
  • rp
    specifies ruby parentheses
  • rt
    defines ruby text annotation
  • rtc
    defines a ruby text container for complex ruby markup
  • ruby
    provides a mechanism for annotating foreign characters
  • s
    renders text with a horizontal strike (line) through the middle
  • samp
    defines a sample of the characters to be output
  • script
    contains (or refers to) statements in a scripting language that are to be processed on the client side
  • select
    defines a selection list (for single or multiple selections)
  • small
    sets a reduced font size for the enclosed text
  • span
    creates a generic inline container
  • strike
    renders text with a horizontal strike (line) through the middle
  • strong
    signifies strongly emphasized content
  • style
    contains CSS style information that’s embedded into a page
  • sub
    specifies subscript text
  • sup
    specifies superscript text
  • table
    defines a block of tabular data
  • tbody
    logically groups elements that make the body of a table’s content
  • td
    defines a standard data cell in a table
  • textarea
    creates a multiline text input field
  • tfoot
    logically groups elements that comprise the footer area of a table’s content
  • th
    defines a header cell in a table
  • thead
    logically groups header elements in a table
  • title
    defines the title of the web page or document
  • tr
    defines a row in a table
  • tt
    specified text to be formatted in monospace, or fixed-width font
  • u
    underlines enclosed text
  • ul
    an unordered list of items or text
  • var
    defines a variable part of a phrase or example
  • wbr
    suggests where in a word a break should occur
  • xmp
    example text

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