Web Developer Toolbar 1.0 released


Happy New Year! If you haven’t checked your Firefox Extensions window for available updates lately, now’s the time. Version 1.0 of the Web Developer extension for Firefox, Mozilla and Flock was released on December 31st, with a huge list of mostly minor updates.

One of the new features that I really love is the ability to open the DOM Inspector and JavaScript console as Firefox sidebars.

Three cheers for Chris Pederick!

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  • http://www.deanclatworthy.com Dean C

    Finally! Thanks for the heads up :)

  • http://envisionext.com Tim_Rogovets

    Thanks for lettings us know :)

  • http://sabatos.net SG111

    Thanks for the heads up.

  • beenz

    thanks for letting us know

  • bezaleel

    I tried it last night and it was worth the trouble.

  • WebDevGuy

    I installe dit and find it useful for diagnosing issues. – thanks for the referral

  • turbowebs

    Is anyone else having trouble with the new Developer Extension locking up Firefox? If Firefox decides to automatically check for updates, I can do nothing else but that and then shut down Firefox and restart it, even with no new updates available. This only since installing the latest Developer extension. I turned of auto updates and it works fine, but I like to automatically get them.

  • malikyte

    Uninstall the extension and reinstall it. It should fix the problem with the 1.0.0 update of the extension.

  • http://www.sitepoint.com efarmboy

    Anyway to have the javascript debugger ignore CSS errors?

  • malikyte

    I’ve seen a way to do this, but I can’t remember if it’s v1.5 that takes care of this, or if it was an extension…

  • http://www.bkweddings.com evetS

    The upgrade doesn’t work. You have to uninstall the previous version of the Web Developer Toolbar and install the new version. At least with firefox 1.0.7

  • malikyte

    The following link will allow you to debug Javascript and CSS separately, it was an extension afterall:

  • mqcarpenter

    I have been looking for a comprehensive tool like this for months. So far it looks to be fantastic. Thank you

  • http://www.dewebtimes.com dewebtimes

    I have been using this extension since a long time, i i find this extension to be of gr8 use, from a designer as well as a developer point of view.