People designing ecommerce sites: Have you seen This site has been around for a while, but I didn’t come across it until recently while we were kicking around ways to improve the checkout system on our site. (Unfortunately the “ecommerce checkout flow” part of Heidi’s Adkisson’s research isn’t out yet, but I did find the site extremely interesting.)

Adkisson surveyed dozens of major ecommerce sites to try to determine if there was some kind of common practices across these sites that might define some kind of “defacto design standards” (the idea being that if 99% of web sites have a logo in the top left corner that links to the home page, it would be a good idea for you to do that, too, because everyone is used to it). She precurses her findings with the warning that “the data presented on this site are intended to inform design decisions, not dictate them. Common practice does not necessarily equate with best practice

Corrie is the lead designer and developer for PixelMill and their in-house brand, jgtemplates. This would-be triathlete has a mathematics degree but wishes she had double-majored in computer science and art instead. Maybe next time...

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