I’ve spent a bit of time recently talking about some of the newer and groovier features in Creative Suite 2, so it’s great to see Veerle chime in with this easy-to-follow tutorial on producing stylish pie charts using Illustrator CS2.

I think the nicest feature is Illustrator lets you to leave the data in a permanently editable state, making it trivial to export new chart graphics as new data becomes available. I remember older versions of Freehand forcing me to re-enter the data for each chart.

In my experience the chart tools can occupy a bit of a blindspot if you don’t use them often — after a while you don’t even see that button — so if that’s you, here’s the perfect chance to get up to speed. And, of course, once you’re ‘mastered of the pie‘, there’s a selection of other equally useful chart formats for you to tinker with. Very slick and quick.

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  • Amit Karmakar

    Another neat tutorial by Veerle!

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