Using Plugins in Your App


Rails plugins can help you do all sorts of things. Installing them is a lot simpler than you might think, deploying them is easy, and they’re a neat way of packaging and reusing your own code.

Nuby on Rails has posted part one of their Complete Guide to Rails Plugins. Definitely worth checking out if you’re not familiar with the Rails plugin architecture.

Stay tuned for the build your own plugins walk through.

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  • GDA

    Hi. Me and the lead developer in our team are a big fan of rails and it’s plugins. We use the login/user engine combo. These are extremly easy to implement and manage.

    Just make sure to freeze them, when you upgrade your rails install:)

    off topic: – A small, Hungarian Rails community.

  • GDA

    sorry, these are Engines:) But to stay at the topic, we use the acts_as_taggable plugin.

  • SitePoint_Fan

    This seems pretty weak to be considered a blog entry worth reading. Maybe there should be a new Sitepoint category called, “Shogs” – 2 sentence blogs.

  • Eric.Coleman

    The entire rails blog here is pretty weak…

  • mrsmiley

    Nuby on Rails?

  • MarkB

    Is this blog actually going to be a regular blog? So far it’s been a bit of a let-down…

  • AlexW

    Is this blog actually going to be a regular blog? So far it’s been a bit of a let-down…

    Fair comment, Mark.

    We’re actually addressing his issue by adding another Ruby blogger. He’s tieing up the loose ends of a large project this week but should debut here next week.

  • MarkB

    Excellent news, Alex :) Thanks.

  • Disha

    Hi, i see a spelling mistake in second para first line “Nuby on Rails”. i wonder if this is really what it is meant to be.

  • Eric.Coleman

    Well, Since the site is called ‘Nuby On Rails’, i assume it’s NOT a typo.