The Disappearing Blogger

Well, a couple of reasons for the title to this post; let me explain

1. I’ve been so busy this week in preparation for going on annual leave that I’ve not had time to blog (not that I’ve been not thinking about things to write!), due to creating a stockpile of articles for you guys and gals in my absence.

2. Well, I’m going to blog from my PDA on holiday (if all goes well), so let’s see how that goes and if there’s a decent connection I can hook into!

Before I disappear for a short time, I’ve been watching the community over the past week and have quite a few comments to make over the next few days, so be sure to check back regularly :-)

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  • anonymous

    hi there, i need a help, i want to add a audio clip to my blog as background music. How do i do it?1

  • fredo

    number 1 most boring blog post: reasons why blogger has not been blogging recently

    number 2: message that blogger is back from a break