Two of the conference presentations I gave last year are now online in multimedia formats, so you can get the virtual experience while sitting at home in your underwear (or take me with you on your iPod if you get out more than I do).

From the Web Directions South conference in Sydney on September 29th 2006, you can listen to the audio and view the slides of the talk I gave with Cameron Adams on JavaScript APIs and Mashups: Work you don’t have to do.

If your tastes run more to the server side, you can grab the slides, listen to the audio, or view the television coverage of my talk, Coping with the New Web on the Server Side from Fundamentos Web 2006 in Spain (don’t worry—it’s in English).

Happy viewing!

Kevin began developing for the Web in 1995 and is a highly respected technical author. Kev is a world-renowned author, speaker and JavaScript expert. He has a passion for making web technology easy to understand by anyone. Yes, even you!

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  • Divine

    Great! ;)

  • malikyte

    Thanks, Kevin! Been waiting for these!

  • knopfler

    Man this “Mashups” are surely a great way of doing things, its like you have pumped adrenaline to your work as a result it fastens up the entire software application development process. Hey Kevin i like your presentation on mashups and API’s. It was interesting and informative, thanks for that man.

  • Matt Mickiewicz

    The guy at the beginning of the video, in the costume, is hilarous.

  • Kevin Yank


    If you mean the video of the panel discussion (“The Current Web and Beyond”), then yeah he was pretty funny. He gave me a t-shirt backstage afterward. :)

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