Jump Start Node.js


Write front-end AND back-end code in a unified language, for staggeringly fast and scalable projects.

eBook includes: pdf, epub, mobi

In just one weekend, learn how to:

See how Node.js works

In this screencast, based on a code example from this book, Mark Dalgleish takes you through building a simple web app using Node.js. It shows you how Node.js can unify both front-end and back-end capabilities in a single powerful language.

Enjoy, and remember this is just one, of the many examples you’ll work through in the book.

Meet Don Nguyen

Don began programming with strongly typed, object-oriented languages such as Java and C++. He used his engineering training to build real-time trading systems designed to be scalable and fault tolerant.

Don has programmed in a variety of web environments including ASP, PHP, and Python, but feels that Node.js is foremost at handling the modern demands of the real-time web.

Customer reviews


“One of the best "getting started"-type books I have ever read. Great blend of spoon-fed info, tips, tricks, and "more info" links. Highly recommended.”

eBook includes: pdf, epub, mobi
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