Jump Start HTML5: Offline Applications


Get up to speed with offline apps in a weekend.

eBook includes: pdf, epub, mobi

Before HTML5, web-based applications had to rely on cookies, servers and Flash to store user data. One of the most exciting new features in HTML5 is the ability to create web apps that work, even when the user’s internet connection doesn’t.

HTML5 apps work independently of mobile operating systems and browsers — meaning you can write your app once, and run it anywhere.

In Jump Start HTML5: Offline Applications, you’ll learn how to set up an HTML5 app and integrate it with a client-side database, with handy examples like a simple journal and to-do list.

What will I learn?

Who should read this book?

This book is for intermediate web developers. You should be familiar with HTML and the fundamentals of JavaScript and the Document Object Model (DOM). It’s unnecessary to have deep knowledge of JavaScript. Still, you should understand event handling, JavaScript data types, and control structures such as while loops and if-else conditionals. We’ll keep our script examples simple, though, and ex- plain them line by line.

If you’re unfamiliar with JavaScript, you may like to read SitePoint’s Simply JavaScript by Kevin Yank for an introduction.

eBook includes: pdf, epub, mobi
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