Jump Start CoffeeScript


Use CoffeeScript to write better JavaScript, and do more with less work.

eBook includes: pdf, epub, mobi

In just one weekend, you’ll learn how to:

See what CoffeeScript is all about

In this 3 minute interview, lead SitePoint developer Paul Annesley takes you through what CoffeeScript is all about, and how you can benefit from using it.

Meet Earle Castledine

Sporting a Masters in Information Technology and a lifetime of experience on the Web of Hard Knocks, Earle Castledine (aka Mr Speaker) is a world-renowned JavaScript expert.

When not conducting countless web-based experiments, he’s sharing his expertise to audiences all over the Earle Castledine globe.

Customer reviews


“Launches straight into the good stuff: second line of the book is code.”

eBook includes: pdf, epub, mobi
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