HTML5 & CSS3 for the Real World


Powerful HTML5 and CSS3 techniques you can use today.

eBook includes: pdf, epub, mobi

Why should you learn HTML5 & CSS3?

It works on just about every platform, is compatible with older browsers, and handles errors gracefully. You can create powerful, easy-to-maintain, future-proof web pages.

Many common tasks are now simplified, putting more power in your hands.

Additionally, you’ll have the freedom to be more expressive in the semantics of your markup. No more tricky hacks or workarounds. Oh, and its easy to use and seriously fun!

So, perhaps the question is, why would you not learn HTML5 & CSS3?

What will I learn?

Who should read this book?

This book is aimed at Designers and front-end developers who want to learn about the latest generation of browser-based technologies. You should already have at least intermediate knowledge of HTML and CSS, as we won’t be spending any time covering the basics of markup and styles. Instead, we’ll focus on teaching you what new powers are available to you in the form of HTML5 and CSS3.

Some parts of the book require some basic familiarity with JavaScript, but they’re not critical. If you’re unfamiliar with JavaScript, there’s no harm in skipping over them for now, returning later when you’re better acquainted with it.

Customer reviews


“A complete and clear explanation of the new features of HTML 5 and CSS 3 explained on a funny and engaging way.”


“This is one of the best books I've seen on HTML5 and CSS3.”


“Extremely useful introduction to all this stuff. Really helped me get the whole HTML5 thing, with just the right amount of detail to make things that work.”

eBook includes: pdf, epub, mobi
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