Special CSS3 Scaling for Android version less than 2.3. Following on from link Making Adobe edge HTML5 Animations mobile responsive.

//special scaling for andriod version less than 2.3
            var ua = navigator.userAgent;
            if( ua.indexOf("Android") >= 0 )
                var androidversion = parseFloat(ua.slice(ua.indexOf("Android")+8));
                if (androidversion < 2.3)
                    // alert('andriod < 2.3');
                    var pixelScaleRatio = 1 / window.devicePixelRatio; //Andriod 2.2 devicePixelRatio = 1.5
                    scale = scale * pixelScaleRatio;

                    var $meta = $('meta[name=viewport]'),
                        content = $meta.attr('content');

                    $meta.attr('content',content+', target-densitydpi=320');

Scale uses this plugin: https://github.com/zachstronaut/jquery-animate-css-rotate-scale

Meta Tag densitydpi

densitydpi is used for scaling the pixels to their actual size. A pixel is not a pixel in some devices and Android < 2.3 somehow thinks pixels are 1.5 times their actual size... so this is where densitydpi comes into play to correct that. See densitydpi doco for more on this.

Full Meta Tag

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