In light of recent news of massive intrusions into enterprise database systems holding sensitive customer information – it is obvious reminders on hardening databases is not old news. Especially considering some of the compromises were executed only because customer data was not encrypted.

Starting with MySQL – I have assembled several links I have collected over time on securing various dbs to make compromise that much more difficult. Some information is basic fundamentals – which is great for those just starting to explore these systems – along with some links to further reading.

Something to remember (and many readers have suggested they do this already) – always use ssh when administering your remote database servers. If using a GUI tool for remote admin – be sure to select an application that supports port forwarding to a secure port.

MySQL’s site has some solid basics as well as a great Security Focus article on building a strong MySQL installation.

Tips and techniques on some other popular systems include:

IBM’s DB2 –

Microsoft SQL Server:

Oracle –

PostgreSQL –

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  • Glasso

    Just Starting to use MySQL seriously. I timely post Blane …. Thanks

  • Andrew-J2000

    I ordered “High Performance MySQL” yesterday; however, i’m curious to know of any security tips for securing clustered enviroments for MySQL. Particuly replication…

  • danut

    I think taht mysql are one of the best part of web prgramming. Robust and also fragile.

    My opinion.

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