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  1. So You Think You Know How to Write a WordPress Theme?

    ) comments.php page.php (for static pages rather than posts) search.php 404.php style.css functions.php (allows changing of core functionality without editing core files) Most of the above are self-explanatory for those that have developed a site in the past. There are also a series of PHP
  2. How to Add Featured Image Thumbnails to Your WordPress Theme

    not there, check it's enabled in "Screen Options" or review your functions.php code. Using Thumbnails Three main thumbnail commands can now be used within any WordPress loop. Typically, you'll want to use them in files named index.php, category.php, archive.php, author.php, taxonomy.php or search.php
  3. How to Split WordPress Content Into Two or More Columns

    and page.php since these are used to display single posts and pages respectively. It may also be found in index.php, archive.php and search.php, however, these normally show more than one article so be careful how multiple content blocks are handled. Once you've found the relevant code, comment out
  4. Create Your Own WordPress Theme from an HTML Template

    create a single.php file, and template will be used for single post pages instead of index.php file. Similarly, there category.php (for category search.php (for search results),home.php (for the home page), and a number of othertemplate files you can create to customize each separate area
  5. SitePoint Podcast #115: Live at WordCamp Raleigh Part 2

    is the amount of books that are involved that filter and really easy modification of the theme without actually having to copy down an entire file just to make a minor change. If I wanted to change say the title in archive themes on 2010 I would need to completely copy down index.php or search.php