Have you met the developers of all the Gems you’re using? Do you know their personal stance on security and whether they use strong passwords or reuse their pet’s name on every website? Artists Rendition: Me deploying I don’t know if I’m the only one, but when there are updates to my Gems, I will generally happily update them – run my tests – and be on my merry way. I raise my sword and shout ‘Deploy!’ to my many underlings (well, I type a few commands and deploy – but that sounds nowhere near as impressive)

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RubySource: Ruby Devs – You’re too trusting. Gems could screw you.

Tags: best practices, gems, opinion
Mal Curtis works at Learnable as a Rails developer. He spent most of his 10 years in Web Development as a PHP developer, but saw the light. You can check out some of his projects at GitHub

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