Continuing from my last post about RVM , this time we’ll install Rails. Again, this series attempts to give you a bit of a deeper dive into getting started with Rails, so we will go through some of the options available when first creating your world-changing Rails application, as well as the gems that are installed along with Rails. Selecting the Interpreter First things first, make sure you open up a terminal and switch to our RVM Ruby interpreter and gemset, which is MRI 1.9.2 and rubysource , respectively. We do that with rvm 1.9.2@rubysource and you can verify with a quick rvm info

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RubySource: Rails Development 101: Installing Rails, Part One

Glenn works for Skookum Digital Works by day and manages the SitePoint Ruby channel at night. He likes to pretend he has a secret identity, but can't come up with a good superhero name. He's settling for "Roob", for now.

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