Remy Sharp: Build anything

Sam Deering

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Name Remy Sharp: Build anything
Description Recompilation of running JS without having to restart it. It’s like Bret Victors talk, when he demo’s rewriting code ( , for example.rnrnBlack magic, voodoo and David Blaine have nothing on iframes. iframes, for better or worse are used all over the web for all manor of dark arts. They’re capa.rnrnIn many industries, publishers can sometimes hurt unknown artists more than they help. But a new model for publishing is emerging, and Breadpig is paving the.rnrnBrendan Eich: JS Responsibilities Slides: Topics – ES6, ES7 – Object.observe – emscripten, asm.js – value objec.rnrnModern browsers are advanced pieces of software, and have been evolving at lightning speed ever since we’ve left IE6 in the dirt and moved on to FireFox and .rnrnThere is a growing Drupal movement in Higher Education: Drupal has moved from experimental technology of evangelists to a core technology adopted by whole un.rnrnThis is Jeremy Keith’s brilliant session on The Long Web from Tuesday, Oct 8 2013 at Future of Web Design in New York City.rnrni just noticed i talked about 2 things when i was supposed to talk about at least 4. well the others were 1) Stop caring about things that don’t really matte.rnrnDan Rubin, Brad Frost, Dan Mall and Nishant Kotary — also known as the Smashing Conf Lonely Hearts Band — performing the song of Glen Campbell, with the ly.rnrnKeynote talk from Adam Sontag, Scott González, Corey Frang, and Clark Allan at jQuery Conference Portland 2013.rnrnIn five years’ time, kids will look at everything you and I are making today and think it’s unconscionably lame, and if you don’t think that’s the most fun t.rnrn2013年春に撮影した桜の写真で造ってみました。rnrnFacebook chat used to be notoriously unreliable. User complaints about disconnection, incorrect message counts, and missed messages dominated Facebook’s over.rnrnmy partner john and I made this.
Tags Tech
Target Skill Level advanced
Author Profile jsconfeu
Published 2014-03-15 16:45:02

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