Ok, you’ve just read Dan Webb’s new feature article, ‘Painless JavaScript Using Prototype‘ and you’re feeling all inspired at the possibilities. What now?

Well as it happens, Jonathan Snook has the answer. After spending hours pulling it’s legs off to figure out how it works, Jonathon has poured his findings into a really nifty visual reference for Prototype, which is now free to download at his site.

Snooks.ca Prototype reference

Hey, even if you’re not into JavaScript, it’ll still probably make a mighty purdy desktop.

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  • malikyte

    If a desktop wallpaper isn’t quite your cup of tea (or your desktop isn’t quite the size of the images available), someone created a PDF file for those of us who don’t like to constantly multi-task and/or use transparencies on our programs’ windows.

    PDF Version (Cheatsheet) Thanks to Marko at Brains4all for his PDF conversion.

    By the way, great find Alex. I was just looking over Prototype and Behavior last night for a second time. This will make me look at it for a third time.

  • fenryr


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