SitePoint Podcast BlogWorld Live Stream


We recorded the SitePoint Podcast #84 live at BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas. The event has come and gone, but you can watch the recording of the live stream below. The high-quality audio version will appear in the podcast feed as usual in a few days.

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  • ChrisPL

    Great stuff, well done! Could be longer :)

    • Patrick O’Keefe

      Thanks Chris. :)


  • Matthew Magain

    Great work team. Nice bit of recruiting at the start there, too, Patrick!

    • Patrick O’Keefe

      Thanks Matt. Glad you enjoyed it. Half way through that explanation, I realized I was explaining what SitePoint was in front of Kevin, CTO and all. Then again, I’ve been involved with the site (volunteer) staff wise for 9 years or so now myself. So, I hope I have a decent grasp of it. :)


  • FFB

    Hi, where can I find the links mentioned in the podcast? Like the .htaccess generator thingy

    • Patrick O’Keefe

      Thanks for the comment, FFB. We’ll be releasing this as a normal podcast, as well, and links will be included in that one. Sorry for the delay.