GeekGames are hereWow, what a big weekend that was! I’m sure you, and many billions of others, enjoyed watching the festivities that welcomed athletes from around the world to London.

As well as enjoying all the athletic prowess on display, we’ve been busy getting our very own GeekGames ready for you to:

  • PLAY online games (Mouse-Questrian, Spam-Shoot, Pong-Long)
  • WIN fantastic prizes (MacBook Air, iPad3, Kindles)
  • SAVE up to 100% on deals (and that’s not a typo!)

PLAY, WIN + SAVE at the GeekGames

Some eager early-bird contestants have entered the GeekGames over the weekend and set some pretty decent scores on the leaderboard. We’re sure that you’ve got it in you to beat them, and take out the overall prize of a 13.3″ MacBook Air, plus the new Apple iPad! 

Remember too, that each of the 10 Deals of the Day only last for 24 hours. So make sure you sign up to qualify for the huge savings on offer.

We, along with New Relic (the official sponsor of the GeekGames), look forward to seeing at the games.


Mick is a digital sales architect with over 13 years experience on the web. He helps businesses, clients and start-ups - plan, action and measure their digital sales success. Including getting hands-on with Google AdWords, conversion rate optimization, retargeting and email marketing.

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  • Marie M

    Unfortunately, your games don’t seem to render properly on my computer, making them unplayable. Nice idea.

  • Chris V

    I gave it a go but the results screen looked like it was cut in half and pong wouldn’t work at all.
    IE 9.0.8112.16421
    Windows Enterprise 7 (SP1)

  • Simon

    There’s a typo on the GeekGames link in the 2nd paragraph. It should be, not

    • Tom Museth

      Nice find Simon. That link is fixed now.

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