PHP5 Coding Contest


Zend are running a PHP5 Coding Contest, if you’ve got time to spare.

One thing that isn’t clear from reading the entry criteria is what the rules are on using third party PHP libraries (such as those in PEAR).

Anyway, might be fun to set up some team entries via Sitepoint’s PHP forums.

The deadline is September 19, 2004…

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  • Davey

    The competition is interesting however there are many unclear things in the rules. Such as the use of PEAR classes. Additionally, forcing the license to be PHP License compatible is not something I’m in favour of.

    I will be entering however. :)

    - Davey

  • asp_funda

    Sounds Good. It’ll be fun to see what kind of entries turn up? Since the deadline is quite far, the contestants will have time to do some serious bit of coding.