At the risk of turning this into a PHP Collaboration Project linkblog, it looks like the official home of the project for now will be here: PHP Collaboration Project.

A video introduction, public forums and an overview of the project goals are up, along with PCP-related headlines from around the Web. No feeds yet, though.

Kevin Yank Kevin Yank
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  • Luke van Blerk

    Question: It sounds like Zend is going to be developing an IDE based on Eclipse. Do you think this will be a free tool and won’t it interfere with Zend Studio?

  • MystaMax

    luke, Here is a quote from a article

    Both the Eclipse plug-in and development framework will be offered free. With these moves, Zend seeks to proliferate PHP and leverage opportunities to sell support and training services as well as its products such as the Zend Platform PHP production environment and the Zend Studio IDE. Zend also offers its Zend Core runtime environment for PHP.

  • ccdesigns

    Great news. Thanks Kevin and MystaMax.

  • Luke van Blerk

    Thanks MystaMax. I hope this takes off. It’ll be good in my opinion as Eclipse is a great IDE. I already use it with the PHP-Eclipse plugin. This can only make it better.

  • bigduke

    OMG OMG OMG … FINALLY … Looks like someone at Zend heard our conversations in here. Wheeee our very own industry scale framecork, developed with a strong enterprie backing … this is sooooo exciting :D

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