Another panel has been released today, this time taking advantage of further built in (but hidden) features of Flash MX 2004 Professional to produce a simulated ‘flash snapshot’ for your Movie Clips.

As before, multiple event handlers, duration, direction and easing are available within the interface to make adding the effect to your Movie Clips as easy as falling off a bike.

In this example, there is a preview screen where you can see a representation of the effect. The preview screen is updated whenever you change the duration, direction, or easing type; it can also be updated by clicking on the ‘preview’ button next to the preview image

Creating a series of virtual snapshots using the panel is a breeze, as can be seen in the example below

Download Photo Flash Effect Panel for Flash MX 2004 >>

View Photo Flash Effect Panel for Flash MX 2004 Example>>

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  • Sergeant

    how useless is this effect? It looks pretty crappy I have to say

  • sgrosvenor

    This effect takes some of the built in transition effects that are utilised within FL MX 2004 Professional screens and forms and allows them to be used with MCs on the stage. ‘Constructive’ feedback as always appreciated ;-)

  • asp_funda

    Steve, your panels don’t work with the new Flash 7.2 as I tried installing them on a friend’s PC who’s just got the latest FlashMX 2004 & on installing any of your panels, it says “invalid extension”. Know what the problem is? B’coz as it happens, they install quite alright on the FlashMX 2004 Pro(v7) with update installed seperately.

  • sgrosvenor

    What version of Extension Manager is being run with your friends PC?, I’ve tested on v1.6.062, with no problems

  • DCasey

    Is the photo with the child supposed to move to front on mouseover? it doesn’t–mozilla 1.7 and ie6 pc. Just curious.

  • sgrosvenor

    Donna, the photo with the child is only supposed to move forward in the stacking order by 1, although it would be easy to modify the technique to bring it to the front rather than 1; so to answer your question, this is by design rather than an unwanted artifact

  • asp_funda

    Well I think its v1.6.062 on WinXP Pro, though I’m not sure about the version. I’ll check it out & let you know.

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