PayPal Soliciting Script Requests from Developers


The PayPal Developers Network is extending an offer to developers to submit wish lists for scripts not already included in the Perl/PHP Toolkits. Apparently they are currently limiting this to Perl and PHP, while the toolkits they offer also include ASP and Cold Fusion.

In a devtalk email out this week – Paypal will review PayPal-related script requests, selecting and coding 10 of them to be available for download. These can include (but are not limited too) IPN, PDT, Upload Cart and Subscription scripts.

Those interested in contributing who leverage PayPal for payment processing can submit requests to developer (at)

Additionally, for those who did not know, PayPal has an online testbed called Sandbox where PayPal users can test their sites and web applications prior to moving into production. Developers can use dummy accounts and non-valid email addresses while still completing the full transaction process. A slick internal mail system captures and routes success or failure messages to a special mailbox for each developer working in the sandbox.

Not bad to get access to a robust commerce testing facility free of charge..

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  • ct_roy

    i use the paypal sandbox all the time – it’s a really well put together developer tool and sets a standard for others (ala google api’s) to follow.