My Java friends at University often balk at the lack of a O/R mapper for .NET. Of course, I show them a whole heap of O/R tools available, but then they show me Hibernate for Java. And, packed with its full OO support, with polymorphic relations, inheritance structures, and interface production, I have to hang my head and conceed :)

So, its great news NHibernate is in production, and now has an early pre-Alpha release available to download. Obviously, its not ready for full production, but what a great project coming since Microsoft decided not to include ObjectSpaces within the next version of .NET.

Open source and .NET, what a combination :)

Philip is a Computer Science PhD student at Liverpool John Moores University. He's still not mastered guitar tabs, never finished Mario, and needs a haircut. He discusses life at

  • M. Johansson

    WOOT! This is EXACTLY the kind of stuff I want.

  • miseldine

    Happy to pass on :)

  • M. Johansson

    Can you point us in the direction of some other O/R mappers in the mean time, by the way?

  • miseldine

    Here’s a great list I linked to a while back:

    Covers all bases!

  • jeffyjones

    O/R mapping is overrated because it will always have performance issues, unless it’s dynamically generating and compiling code.

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