I recently received an email recommending I take a look at JEdit based on my coverage and recent commentary on open source at SitePoint. What a great tip that was!

I downloaded JEdit for my production machine (OS X notebook) and was pleasantly suprised with several features. I work on projects involving html/xhtml, Java, PHP and XML among others, and the syntax support is excellent (supports 90 file types). I have been hooked on BBEdit for years, however, JEdit may just knock that to the side.

Some features that jumped right out at me:

*Support for executing JavaDoc while in the JEdit interface and continuing to work on source code
*Ability to create Jar files within JEdit and also compile source files and packages
*XML plug-ins for validating xml against DTD’s and transforming xml files via XSLT
*Ability to connect and query SQL servers within the JEdit interface
*The ability to browse and edit files via FTP on a remote server

Built on Java 2, the editor works on Linux and variants, OS X and Windows. It utilizes the Java 1.4 platform and for those daredevils already running the Java 1.5 beta, it supports you too!

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  • sylozof

    And do not forget the dozens of plugins available…

  • Pete Prodoehl

    A BBEdit user, eh? See: http://community.jedit.org/cgi-bin/TWiki/view/Main/SwitchingFromBBEdit

    And you definitely do have to go through the extensive plugin list, and pick the ones that will work for you. They really help make jEdit a great text editor.

  • Anonymous

    It’s even got a plugin for reading blogs (HeadlinsPlugin). :-)

  • http://boyohazard.net Octal

    I have been using JEdit for about a year myself, don’t know how I survived without it.

  • zjcboy

    what about SciTE? I think it’s great, although some bugs still exist

  • zjcboy

    well, fonts are really ugly on Windows, especiall for me (already used to the good-looking ClearType fonts by MS :(

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