Have thrown together some wiki pages on XmlHttpRequest – mainly links I’ve found useful plus some notes / experiences I’ve had with it. Hopefully useful.

You may also deduce that the new name is JpSpan. Thanks for all the suggestions ;) Working on renaming things in the code slowly…

  • http://www.rideontwo.com z0s0

    Aww.. I liked SpiderNickle ;-)

  • http://nathanwwong.com someonewhois

    I liked ActiveX.

    Nice layout at the wiki.

  • Hierophant

    Hmm… I am interested in this to build features into an ecommerce application. Is there a good book that goes over this?

  • Donncha

    JPSpan is very nice. I’ve experimenting with the CVS version and it’s great to be able to pass PHP variables back and forth between the server and browser. It opens up a whole new world to the web developer!


  • http://www.igeek.info asp_funda

    So when is the first stable version coming out? I’ve been scrounging the web for some JS Wrappers to allow me to talk to my PHP application silently but haven’t found any good ones!! :(

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