News Wire on Holiday

Kevin Yank

Although it still feels like the SitePoint News Wire has just started, I’m hitting the road for four weeks, and as its primary contributor I will only be able to post occasional updates during that time.

Watch for the SitePoint News Wire to return to full time in late August.

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  • coffee_ninja

    Rats! Sitepoint News Wire has become my web dev-friendly slashdot :( See you in four weeks.

  • malikyte

    It’s my most favorite blog – simple, to the point, yet effectively giving out gracious links of possibly important new facts and goings-on. Be safe on the road!

  • Anonymous


  • ajferg

    I like the more detailed blog posts, but this roundup is great. The only change I’d suggest is putting the day of the week in the title too – Monday, Thursday, whatever.

    Just to help those of us who don’t pay any attention to the actual date notice when there’s a new post. I skipped a few entries early on before realising they were new posts.

  • Dangermouse

    Get somebody else to contribute ;)

  • Net-Margin

    Hope you have a good time, although I will be missing this :(

  • Octal

    Enjoy your holidays!

  • AnandC

    I’ll miss this as my daily reading for the next month. Hopefully the News Wire will come back rejuvenated with a lot of new and useful links.