For today only, anyone, anywhere in the world, can sign-up to become an advertiser on MSN’s new AdCenter system, which will is competing directly head-to-head with AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing.

I’ve written about MSN AdCenter previously, and mentioned the unique targeting features that they offer (including, age, gender & time of day). Well, today, I finally get to take it for a test-drive!

You have until 5PM PST on Monday March 6th to sign-up:

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  • peach

    I almost signed up but apparently this is for advertisers only not for publishers, they don’t really make that clear on the site, nor do they make anything clear on that site.. at all.

  • Antonbomb22

    it requires internet explorer which is bad for business.

  • Calippo

    Theres also a 5 dollers sign up charge thats really bad…

  • Jenkin Sear

    IE Only, and a bogus certificate? Lame lame lame.

    Guess I’ll miss my chance to put my ads in front of literally dozens of MSN subscribers…

  • Luke Cuthbertson

    lol – “MSN adCenter does not currently support the web browser you are using. Please sign in using Internet Explorer 6″ – when using the IE7 beta. Not a great advertisement for their new browser!

  • Pictual

    Keep us notified when they open the Publisher accounts.

  • Matt Mickiewicz

    I would expect Yahoo! Publisher Network to come out way before MSN Publisher Network, simply because:

    #1.) YPN is already in Beta for US Publishers
    #2.) MSN AdCenter is in Beta, and so far, lacks a critical mass of advertisers

  • Anonymous

    it sucks cuz it dont work !!!!!!!!

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