Via MozillazineMOZiE. A clever patchwork of technologies that allows you to view pages with Internet Explorer (5+) and Mozilla (1.5+) simultaneously, as well as other cool features like simulating the pages in various screen resolutions and running pages through the W3 validator at the click of a button.

The work is actually being done by Internet Exlorer, taking advantage of HTA while the Mozilla pane is made possible thanks to Adam Lock’s Mozilla ActiveX Control (Mozilla embedded into IE – very nice).

Along with Chris Pederick’s Web Developer toolbar for Mozilla / Firebird (thanks Simon), LiveHTTPHeaders, DOM Inspector, the Venkman JavaScript debugger and many more, it’s almost malpractice not to use Mozilla (or it’s slick little brother [sister?] Firefox) for developing web pages.

[Not PHP I know, but too good to ignore]

  • jkaiser

    I had to go open a bag of sliced bread to see something cooler than Mozie :)

  • wogboy

    HTMLKit ( has had this feature for a while now. Not open source, but it is free. Allows vertical and horizontal split previews. Along with excellent PHP support (highlighting, context sensitive help, server mapped previews)

  • AlexW


    Plus, you’ve gotta love a 13.5k program that needs a 4.7M accessory to run :D

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